Hanvon Ugee and Tencent Classroom Join Hands to Fuel the Development of Game Design Industry

Tencent Classroom has launched its much anticipated event for 2020, which themed "Discover the possibilities and learn to achieve dreams“, where 100 game designers share their knowledge online! As the world's leading provider of digital painting products and digital handwriting solutions, Hanvon Ugee took lead in the sponsorship.

The event lasts from February to November, and sessions start from the third week of each month. The main organizer, Tencent Game Academy invites top designers and illustrators in the game industry to share in 100 live broadcasts and a series of courses for the vast number of game art practitioners. According to the latest statistics from Tencent, the course has attracted more than 60,000 people to sign up.

In addition to a series of amazing sharing sessions, the FTD design competition jointly organized by Tencent Classroom and operator of the mobile game "Let's Catch the Monsters" has also been officially launched. As a partner, Hanvon Ugee provided sponsorship support for the competition.

Besides providing strong support for large-scale events in the industry, , Hanvon Ugee as a player in the creative culture industry also pays attention to the status of students' online courses, hoping to contribute to exploring the best model for online education. In 2020, the epidemic has brought a great opportunity for the development of online education industry.

This year, schools around the world have started online classrom. However, online teaching has encountered various problems. Teachers cannot use a mouse to write class contents efficiently, so students cannot understand and digest knowledge taught well. The online teaching experience is in urgent need of enhance. And inconveniency of interaction and evaluation greatly compromises the quality of online teaching experience.

As the old saying goes -- A handy tool makes a handy man. Products and solutions from Hanvon Ugee can help you handle it easily! Digital education solution of Hanvon Ugee supports multiple teaching scenarios such as micro-class recording, distance learning, interactive pen and paper classroom, and art & calligraphy online classroom. Our products allow tutors to conduct intuitive online interactions such as writing and erasing like on a blackboard easily, and bringing in multi-media tools like video. This allows students and teachers to interact in real time, and the classroom atmosphere is naturally more active and interesting.

Hanvon Ugee is in action to facilitate online teaching! Hanvon Ugee provides digital education solutions and support services to all education users in the world with the ambition to help teachers and students enjoy better and more intuitive online classroom!

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