Since its inception, Hanvon Ugee has been at the forefront of technological advancements in digital drawing&writing. With a relentless focus on innovation, we strive to establish ourselves as a global leader in digital drawing&writing technology. Through more than 20 years of independent research and development efforts, we have achieved industry-leading expertise in key areas such as electro-magnetic resonance (EMR) technology, active capacitive stylus, bluetooth wireless transmission, and display color management, along with numerous core technology patents.

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Core Technologies

Electro-magnetic Resonance (EMR)

Electro-magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology employs the principles of electro-magnetic induction for seamless data transmission and energy transfer. This physical phenomenon involves a magnetic field that is generated around a conductor as an electric current passes through it. When another conductor comes near this magnetic field, voltage and current are induced within it. This technology is widely used in wireless communication, energy transfer, and data transmission.

Active Capacitive Stylus

Active capacitive stylus technology is an input method used for touchscreen devices, which differs from traditional resistive or passive capacitive pen technologies. An active capacitive stylus incorporates active electronic components such as circuits and batteries, enabling real-time communication between the stylus and the touchscreen device.

Display Color Management

Display color management technology is applied to ensure accurate color representation on different display devices. Due to variations in color standards, technologies, hardware, and software among different display devices like computer monitors, mobile devices, and printers, the colors seen on different devices may differ. In this light, color management technology becomes crucial to achieve consistent color representation across various devices.

Bluetooth Wireless Transmission

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology used for data transmission and connectivity among different devices over short distances. Bluetooth technology enables connectivity and interoperability between various devices such as smartphones, tablets, headphones, keyboards, mice, speakers, and automotive systems through mutual data transfer and communication.

Dot matrix digital pen

The dot matrix digital pen is an emerging writing tool that employs an invisible dot matrix pattern printed on conventional paper. The high-speed camera at the tip of the pen captures the pen tip's movement trajectory, while the pressure sensor sends pressure data back to the data processor and finally transmits the information externally through Bluetooth or USB.

Digital handwriting intelligent processing technology

Use cloud computing and AI technology to store, transmit and process digital handwriting. Make digital handwriting beautiful, with clear details and suitable for storage and transmission, to achieve data security and durability; make digital handwriting rich in connotation, integrate multi-modal AI interaction technology, and perform text conversion, document generation, and content management on digital handwriting , knowledge retrieval and creative drawing, etc., enabling a variety of digital handwriting application scenarios.

Technological Innovation

Scroll Your Way to Masterpiece

X3 Pro Roller Stylus

Powered by X3 Pro Smart Chip

16K pressure levels.
Groundbreaking innovation.

X3 Pro Roller Stylus raises the bar for what a digital stylus can do — delivering 100% higher pressure levels for mind-blowing fine detail in your art piece. It produces the smoothest and most precise lines ever, empowering you to excel in hyper-nuanced creation and beyond.

More responsive.
More accurate.

Accuracy increases by 20%*, bringing out every art project precisely what you want. Virtually no lag or broken lines. Smooth and efficient.






retraction distance

Accuracy: ±0.4 mm* (center)

100% higher pressure levels


X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus



X3 Smart Chip Stylus


20% higher accuracy



X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus

±0.4mm (center)

±0.5 mm (center)

X3 Smart Chip Stylus

±0.5 mm (center)

* The data is based on the X3 Smart Chip Stylus for comparison. They were taken from laboratory simulation tests and may vary depending on the operating environment.

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